Moringa Root is a very potent part of the tree and should therefore be used with care.

Do not exceed 2g per day, and avoid using if pregnant.

The powder can be added to dishes and sauces for its horseradish taste if you wish to consume it as a condiment.

For medicinal purpose it can simply be mixed with water, or in a juice - preferably a root based and vegetable based juice for great flavour marriage.



Moringa roots have the highest nutritional quantity compared to all other parts of the tree. Research shows that the powder of Moringa roots can be used as a food condiment for its horseradish taste, once the bark is totally removed. The root bark contains two alkaloids allied to ephedrine and contains moringinine acting on the sympathetic nerve ending (Morton, 1991). We are therefore removing totally the toxic bark in order for you to enjoy the benefits of the root powder.

Moringa root should therefore mostly be considered for the extract of the potent anti-biotic and fungicide Pterygospermin, as well as for the anti-rheumatic and anti-hepatotoxic activities of root content (RAO et. al, 1997), as well as used in small quantities as a nutraceutical.