Neem Leaf Powder

Turmeric Root Powder

Brown Bentonite Clay

Benefits for your skin

Neem leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for the skin helping to treat  acne, black points and rashes. The carotenoids present in the Neem helps fighting free radicals from affecting the skin. 

The Turmeric root powder which is packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties is helping you in cleansing your skin, while bringing out the light and natural glow of your skin.

Brown Bentonite Clay, which is naturally found as on organic formation of the nature, has a range of benefits for the skin, making it an ideal body and face mask base. The clay supports the cleansing of the skin pores, the detoxification process by absorbing damaging free radicals, the reduction of skin oil, the treatment of acne and skin irritation, as well as promoting the rejuvenation of your skin thanks to its mineral content.


The advantage of this MyNawiri mask, is that it comes in powder with no preservatives. This allows you to keep the product for a longer period of time, without affecting its content.

The mask can be used on a daily basis, followed by the application of moisturised, such a MyNawiri Shea Butter.

For one facial portion, pour one tea spoon of the mixed powder into a small container (cup, glass etc.) and add water to reach the texture of your choice. Stir with a spoon. You can apply the mask immediately on the skin, massaging all over the face avoiding the eye contour. We however recommend to let it sit for 10minutes for the water to be absorbed by all particles. Leave the mask up to 10 minutes on the skin and remove with luck warm water.

If you wish to prepare more than one portion, you can keep the hydrated solution in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.